Body Rebellion uses body horror to explore the relationship between anxiety and hygiene. Find the “Ending,” “Ascending,” and secretive “Soft Ending.”

Written & Designed by Anders R. Mattson. Music by Noah Forslund. The soundtrack is available here. Special thanks to the friends who play tested. 

*A 2020 Scream Machine (SCREAM Jams) Host's Choice Winner!*

Note: Depending on your choices, you may see body horror related images you may find uncomfortable. This is by no means extreme, but can be unpleasant. 


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The music, graphics, and writing tied this game together nicely. It left me with a sense of confusion that will sit with me for the rest of the day. Framing the scenarios with a nose pick was an interesting concept - the given control to pick/not pick when these coping mechanisms normally might not give the leisure compelled me to do it anyways. Weird.
Cheers to your future content, and long live e g g.


Thanks for the kind comment, and happy to hear you found it weird :). Did you get the Soft Ending? Definitely my favorite of the three. 

I did, I found it contemplative and mysterious. Nice touch (: